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The Melrose Directory’s Top Tips For Travelling With Children

Published on 5th August 2017 by Charlotte Elsmore

With the summer holidays fast-approaching, it’s time to plan ahead to make sure travelling to your destination isn’t a chore, but part of your trip away with loved ones.

Here is a simple guide to making travelling with children simple and stress-free.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail
Preparation is everything when it comes to having a stress-free journey. Whether it’s a long car journey or an overnight flight, keeping your little ones entertained and out of trouble can be a troublesome task. Our top tips to avoid arguments before you’ve even arrived at your destination is to keep the journey varied with some digital distractions, as well as some old-fashioned fun. Hand over your smartphone or tablet with child-friendly games already downloaded, store their favourite films on an iPad and a new one they have been desperate to watch, compromise on the music in the car so everyone can get involved in making the playlist and teach them the simple games you used to play when you were a youngster.

Timing is key
Choosing the time you travel can make all the difference. Starting the journey extremely early or just before bedtime could help your children to sleep for most of the way. It will help avoid the boredom they will potentially feel spending all daylight hours stuck in a car or on an aeroplane. Try doing the normal bedtime routine by getting the kids in their pyjamas, brushing teeth and tucking them in to show it’s business as usual.

Rumbling tummies
If travelling overnight isn’t possible, make sure you pack plenty of snacks for the journey ahead. Not only will this save money, but it can help the children get excited for the travel by encouraging them to help plan and make snacks for the road. It will also help to ward off grumpy tots if their tummies start to rumble. Make sure you are keeping your kids fully hydrated, but remember drinking too much could lead to unwanted toilet stop-offs.

Get comfy
It sounds obvious but make sure everyone is dressed for the journey. Loose clothes, blankets and pillows will help to make your kids feel comfortable and content. It will also help them feel at home if they are slightly anxious about their surroundings. If they have anything they can’t sleep without at home, make sure it’s the first thing packed and easy to reach.

Home sweet home
Nothing beats the moment you arrive back home after a long trip, but when you are setting off on holiday that’s the last thing you’re thinking about. Spend a few minutes extra planning your return using the above points to make sure your journey home is as pleasurable as the way there.