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Why Do We Need Sun?

Published on 1st August 2017 by Charlotte Elsmore

Sun burn, heat rash and dehydration… Just some of the things that have convinced us that the sun is our number one enemy. However, The Melrose Directory is here to tell you that it’s time love thy sun-kissed skin sensibly.

Our bodies produce vitamin D when the sun’s UVB rays hit our skin, in fact it’s believed we get around 90-95% of our vitamin D naturally from the sun. But, like all good things, only in small doses. Don’t lie out in baking heat without your sun cream, but do expose yourself intermittently a couple of times a week during the spring and summer seasons.

Not only does the sun boost our serotonin levels (otherwise known as the body’s natural happy hormone), but it can also reduce heart disease, relieve aches and pains and even give you a boost of energy!

So have a look at some of the sunniest places to visit this summer with The Melrose Directory: